Match report: Brazil 2-0 Mexico

Jonathan Wilson’s match report from the Samara Arena.
A word on Neymar: This may have been the Brazilian’s best performance of the tournament to date, but once again he’s making headlines for the wrong reasons. There was some needle going on between him and Miguel Layun, a second-half substitute, and at one stage, Neymar found himself sitting on the touchline near the technical areas with the ball out of play and between his outstretched legs.

With the fourth official standing right behind Neymar, Layun bent down to pick up the ball and as he did so, stepped on the Brazilian’s ankle. Neymar reacted as if he’d been poked by a cattle prod – writhing around in faux agony in a bid to get the Mexican sent off. His histrionics were comically amateurish and the referee didn’t buy them. Indeed, it may not be too much of a stretch to speculate that Neymar’s ridiculously over-the-top reaction may have helped Layun avoid the red card he deserved for his sneaky stamp.