2018 NGEA Powered by VMG

Visions Media Group LLC is a PA based company. A multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia. Known for its media technology, online TV and creative video branding solutions. VMG Studio record shows, commercials, movies, and more. Using our special SIIKETV Network formula and My VMGTV.  VMG Networks proudly endorsed the Next Generation Entertainment Award and is officially announcing that NGEA is Powered By VMG Networks.

The NEXT GENERATION ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (NGEA) is an annual classical event that celebrates rising superstars, multi-talents and the amazing creative works of individuals and groups in the global entertainment industry.

NGEA stands out from the rest because it is a prestigious platform where the next generation celebrities are highly recognized by hundreds of millions of entertainment lovers around the world for their immeasurable contributions in the following music, film/tv, stand-up comedy, script/creative writing, sports, event management, dance, etc.

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